zachary john miller, ph.d.

I was a tenure-track philosophy professor for four years. I specialized in logic and language. In the summer of 2017 I left academia to pursue a career in tech. So far I have worked as a full-stack JS developer at the AI/ML non-profit Ought and the live video startup GetVokl. In addition to my professional experience, I've contributed to Babel and other high-profile open-source projects.

I'm extremely proficient with React, Redux, Node, and the surrounding full-stack ecosystem. I also have experience with Rails.

open source

I'm passionate about open source. Here is a sample of my contributions:

  • Babel is the leading JS transpiler, used by Facebook, Netflix, Mozilla, Airbnb, Reddit, Spotify, & more. I fixed Babel's handling of nested for-loops. See discussion here and commit here. I also fixed Babel's generation of ES2017 do expressions (discussion, commit).
  • Esprima is the JS parser of the jQuery Foundation. It is very popular and receives over 22 million npm downloads per month. I fixed Esprima's handling of destructuring in variable declarations (discussion, commit).
  • Escodegen is the most prominent open source standalone JS code generator. It receives over 7 million npm downloads per month. I fixed Escodegen's handling of assignment patterns, such as default parameter values (discussion, commit). I also added support for anonymous class declarations in default exports (discussion, commit).