zachary john miller

I was a tenure-track philosophy professor for four years. I specialized in logic and language. In the summer of 2017 I left academia to pursue a career in tech. So far I have worked as a full-stack JS developer at the live video startup GetVokl. During my time there, I helped grow the company from two to eleven people. In addition to my professional experience, I've contributed to Babel and other high-profile open-source projects.

I'm extremely proficient with React, Redux, and the surrounding front-end ecosystem. I also have experience with Node and Rails, and am familiar with databases and scaling back-end systems. I'm currently looking for mid-level web development opportunities. My current goal is to learn as much as possible. My ideal job would involve close collaboration with other skilled developers and the possibility for quick career advancement.

open source

I'm passionate about open source. Here is a sample of my contributions:

  • Babel is the leading JS transpiler, used by Facebook, Netflix, Mozilla, Airbnb, Reddit, Spotify, & more. I fixed Babel's handling of nested for-loops. See discussion here and commit here. I also fixed Babel's generation of ES2017 do expressions (discussion, commit).
  • Esprima is the JS parser of the jQuery Foundation. It is very popular and receives over 22 million npm downloads per month. I fixed Esprima's handling of destructuring in variable declarations (discussion, commit).
  • Escodegen is the most prominent open source standalone JS code generator. It receives over 7 million npm downloads per month. I fixed Escodegen's handling of assignment patterns, such as default parameter values (discussion, commit). I also added support for anonymous class declarations in default exports (discussion, commit).


I've completed many projects, including projects in collaboration with other software developers. Here is a selection: